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Held in the concrete backyard of SW1, Yard work is Manor’s Unconventional Training session. We have a different set up every week, the only thing that doesn’t change is the challenge. You lift, carry, push, pull, flip and hold familiar and not so familiar kit for as long as you think you can… And then for as long as we know you can.

A reaction against the safe, soft, easy, one click convenience of the modern world, Yard Work is all about grit, hard work, heavy lifting and overcoming. From the raw aesthetics of the set up to the programming.

Every session we get people of all fitness levels, comfortable with the uncomfortable. We help them push through their self imposed limitations so they come out the other side feeling a little more empowered, a little more capable, a little hardier and a lot more alive than they were 60 minutes earlier.

Yard Work is where we sell and celebrate the struggle. In the words of it’s creator - we call it Yard Work because it’s hard work… Enough said.