Background to the Campaign

If you are a man between 20 and 49, you’re more likely to die from suicide than from cancer, a road accident or heart disease. Every week 84 men in the UK take their own lives. The majority of these men will not have been diagnosed with any mental health issues. The majority will have suffered in silence or tried to self-medicate themselves... and failed.

Mental health isn’t talked about enough; men’s mental health even less. Ideas around what it means to be a strong man, the shame and stigma associated with mental health issues and a lack of high profile people speaking out all contribute to many men suffering in silence.

Manor are spearheading a campaign for the fitness industry and beyond, to show that strong men are not silent when it comes to mental health.



Strong Not Silent Tee

Alongside the panel discussions, Manor x Lululemon will be selling a charity t-shirt in store and on Manor website with all the proceeds going towards the charity CALM

CALM, The Campaign Against Living Miserably, is UK charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. In the UK men are three times more likely to kill themselves than women. CALM provides a hotline for men 365 days a year to break the silence and reach out for help, as well as running campaigns to change attitudes towards mental health struggles for men, and running bereavement support services for families who have lost loved ones to suicide. All proceeds from the Strong Not Silent campaign, including Lululemon garment sales and profits of Fight for Your Manor, will go to support CALM’s efforts.